New ECU Tailgating Security Measures Deemed Successful

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ECU police made one arrest and issued 45 citations in the parking lot at the bottom of College Hill during the tailgate leading up to Thursday night's Pirate football game. That's the lot where a fight seriously injured an ECU graduate last Saturday. No fights were reported there Thursday.

Lt. Chris Sutton says the one arrest was for a person charged with underage consumption and resisting arrest. The citations included underage alcohol, larceny, urinating in public, possession of a fake ID, possession of liquor, and resisting arrest.

Lt. Sutton says the new security measures enacted in that parking lot for Thursday's game will be used next Saturday when ECU hosts Virginia Tech. Calling it a "valuable asset," Sutton says the scissor lift also provided a psychological advantage that tailgaters knew they were being watched from above. The change in how they park vehicles will also continue, since it allows police to move more quickly through the tailgate lot, according to Sutton.

After the Virginia Tech game, ECU police will evaluate the use of the new security measures in the lot at the bottom of College Hill. "Until we set a new standard in the lot, this is a new approach we're taking," Sutton said. "We want to make sure it's a safe environment."

Controlling the alcohol is key to creating a safe environment, Sutton said. During the Virginia Tech game, people in the lot at the bottom of College Hill should expect patrols by ECU Police, ABC officers and possibly another law enforcement agency.

Sutton says reports about citations from other parking lots will be submitted today.