Beaufort County School Bus Driver Out Of A Job After Student Left On Bus

A Beaufort County school bus driver accused of leaving a 7-year-old on the school bus alone, is now out of a job.

Rose Green is no longer employed by Beaufort County Schools, according to the information officer Sarah Hodges.

Green drove bus number 269 to John Cotten Tayloe School in Washington.

We're told the child got on the bus around 8:00 o'clock last Thursday morning and fell asleep on the ride to school and woke up at John Small School more than 5 miles away.


A 7-year-old got on the school bus in Beaufort County Thursday morning, but didn't make it to class for more than 2 hours. His mother says that's because the child fell asleep and the bus driver just left him there.

The John Cotten Tayloe Elementary School student in Beaufort County got on the bus around 8:00 am yesterday, according to his mother.

She told us her son fell asleep on the ride to school and woke up at another Washington school, John Small School.

The Beaufort County School District says the bus driver, Rose Green, picks up and drops off students for both schools and parked the bus at John Small School for the morning.

The mother says someone found her son about 2 hours later and brought him back to his school about five miles away. She says she wasn't notified until 2:30 Thursday afternoon and wants the bus driver taken off the route.

We spoke to the Beaufort County Schools Superintendent who says the school attempted to call the mother, and is investigating what happened.

"There were several points of contact. The first one was prior to lunch, shortly after the child returned, and that's also what we're investigating. I would expect that to be the case. We should notify the parent immediately to let know what's going on. They have a right and we have a duty and obligation to let them know what we know," said Superintendent Don Phipps.

Phipps has not said yet if the bus driver is still on the route or if the driver has been reprimanded citing it's a personnel issue, but he says since the investigation is not over they have not determined if the driver checked the bus before getting off which is standard procedure.