Beaches Disappearing

Studies show the state's beaches are eroding at a rate of between three and fifteen feet per year because the sea level is rising. It's a problem that has property owners and the Dare County government scrambling to find a solution.

Two generations from now may have a lot less real estate on the Outer Banks to call home. And according to Dr. Stanley Riggs of East Carolina University's geology department, past efforts to make the coast more enticing to live on, like dune building, and filling in storm caused inlets, have put a stop to the natural replenishment of the barrier islands.

Riggs says, "And we've cut off that process for decades now, and the banks are narrowing now because we've prevented some of these processes from happening. And there are many areas that need to breach, need to over wash, and that's what's gonna keep this resource healthy through time and able to keep up with sea level."