Marine Gets To See New Baby Via Video Hookup

A mother in Jacksonville got to show off a new bundle of joy to his father all the way in Iraq. For the first time, Onslow Memorial Hospital partnered with the non profit Freedom Call Foundation. The group helps military members overseas talk with loved ones here at home. Friday, Marshae Stanton used a video conference to present one day old Jakobi Emmanuel to his father, Marine Corporal Seth Kilkuskie, who has been stationed in Fallujah Iraq for the last six months. Corporal Kilkuskie says, "I just feel ecstatic. I feel really happy. I'm a little bit nervous. It's a beautiful thing for me to be able to see my son. And I'm just grateful for the opportunity to see both of them." Marshae commented, “It's a great opportunity for women. Fiances, husbands, boyfriends over in Iraq and they can't be here for the birth, so they can see them this way." Corporal Kilkuskie says he should return home to see his son face to face in about a month.