Joyous Homecoming For Victim Shot Outside Kellum Law Firm

It's been 40 days since four people were shot along Greenville Boulevard and Wednesday the person who was shot while sitting inside a car in the parking lot of Kellum Law Firm was released from the hospital.

Tim Edwards grandkids, neighbors, friends and other relatives were anxiously waiting in his driveway Wednesday afternoon for his arrival. They tell us today has been a long time coming, and it's a big step in their loved one's recovery.

Lenn Jackson is a long time friend of Edwards. He says,"Everybody is so excited. He's excited about being home in his recliner, his bed, that kind of thing."

Edwards grandkids, neighbors and others made signs, put up balloons, and signed their names to welcome Edwards home from the hospital.

Jackson says the big turnout shows what an impact Edwards has had on so many people in his life. Jackson says, "We've been good friends for a long time, he's a super nice guy. I tell you if you ever get the opportunity to meet him, you can't meet a better guy."

Out of the four victims in the shooting spree, Edwards is the last to return home.

While in the hospital, the victims were kept in the same area. Jackson says it helped the families to draw strength from each other. He says, "I don't know that his family hardly could have gotten by without having some of that friendship as well, nor could that family have gotten through what they were processing without the support of one another. It's really a special thing."

After a few minutes, Edwards slowly walked up the steps and through the door as he continues his recovery. Jackson says, "To just watch him make gradual steps of improvements each day it's just phenomenal to get to this point today where he comes home. It's truly a day of celebration."

The family told us earlier this month that Edwards sustained injuries to the jaw and shoulder,

Jackson says the family wants to thank everyone in the community for their support and prayers during this time of recovery.

The CarolinaEast Foundation has a Greenville Strong Fund that was started by the Kellum Law Firm for the four victims of the shooting spree. They tell us so far, they've raised $8,900. You can still contribute by clicking on the related link below or by sending checks to PO Box 1576, New Bern, NC 28563.