Battle Brewing Over NC Budget Education Reforms

A battle is brewing over education reforms in the state budget agreed upon by the general assembly Sunday night.

The North Carolina Association of Educators is opposed to several measures, and asked members Monday to call lawmakers and voice their concerns.

There are three specific proposals in the budget NCAE is taking issue with: the elimination of teacher tenure in favor of performance based contracts, no raises, and the implementation of vouchers.

The president of the NCAE sent a letter to members of the general assembly Monday saying with the budget, they are placing a sign on each school door that says quality educators need not apply. You can find the letter in its entirety by clicking the link below. The organization also stated it will immediately pursue legal challenges.

Meanwhile, the North Carolina chapter of the group Americans For Prosperity says it fully supports the changes, saying the elimination of tenure shows that North Carolina wants the best teachers in our public school system. It also backs the voucher program, saying it gives families true educational freedom. The program will allow students who qualify for free or reduced lunch to apply for a scholarship to attend a private school. The AFP's press release is also provided in a link below.

The budget compromise is expected to be approved by lawmakers this week and then head to Governor Pat McCrory.