Postal Rates Increasing on More Than Just the Stamp

You can get them with a flag on the front, your favorite flower, or maybe even one with a with a picture of an honored national figure. Postal stamps are ever changing and now the cost to get one will as well.

Anyone else who plans on sending out a first class letter, will be spending more money on these, the new 39 cent stamp. The reason? Beaufort County postal workers tell WITN since the last postal rate increase 3 years ago, Congress has mandated that postal workers overfund their own retirement plans to the tune of 3 billion dollars per year. Workers couldn't go before our cameras for an interview but say, it's not just the stamp, but across the board, all other services and products will increase for consumers at a rate of 5 percent.

Congress has earmarked the new rate change to go into effect at midnight Saturday night.