Comments About "The Book of Daniel"

The following comments are from e-mails received from viewers after watching "The Book of Daniel" on WITN-TV, Friday, January 6, 2006.

"I hope WITN will continue to air this quality program. It brings everyday issues into our hearts and homes and shows us even ministers have problems to deal with. It's sad how the religious leaders you have interviewed have been so frightened of such a program. Have they no "Faith?"
"Let me start by saying I am not a Christian and I would like to Thank You for deciding to show the Book of Daniel, as I feel people had a right to be able to view it and form their own opinion. In my opinion, it was not very Christian like and I will NOT waste my time watching it again. I turned the channel 15 mins into the show. I grew up in a Christian home, my father is a Pentecostal preacher and I was offended by this program. I could not believe how 'loose' this ministers family was portrayed, nor could I believe how loosely the minister spoke or his use of profanity. I am 38 years old and as I stated I grew up in a Christian home and I NEVER heard my father use profanity...not once. And yes, with 4 children, my Mom and Dad had their embarassing moments, but they didn't act like that!!! As far as I am concerned, if the show never aired again I wouldn't miss it. Maybe the 'Christians' smoking cigarettes in the church parking lot will, but not me!!!"
"Please take a stand for families and values. This show is a disgrace to all mankind. It also makes me think twice about what channel WITN 7's values are and what do you as a company that purposively cares about families really cares about. Is it truly Eastern NC. Show us your true colors!!!!!!"
"In response to the program which aired this past Friday night, I would like to say I was quite impressed with it. I thought the characterization of this family was "real TV." It showed how even ministers have "real life" issues within their congregations and their own families. I also appreciated the portrayal of Jesus as being a spiritual figure we can communicate easily with instead of a deity who seems unreal and intangible. Thank you for sharing this program with your viewing audience, and please continue to broadcast it. "
"Please be advised that after 50 plus years of tuning into witn tv that I will no longer do so."
"I watched the pilot show this weekend and believe WITN, our local NBC affiliate should continue to provide local citizens the option to watch the show. As I hoped, the character playing "God" reveals attempts to help the minister deal with his dependence on a prescription drug which viewers can see he uses for coping with stress inducers in his life. It is also obvious that he has many stress inducers as do many persons. Perhaps as the character portraying "God" helps the minister see how he relies too much on a prescription to deal with everyday stressors as well as maybe even alcohol at times, we as everyday persons striving to do right while dealing with daily pressures may see similar behaviors in our own lives. I viewed the show for what I might gain from it in a spiritual domain and was glad for the choice to turn to a channel that at least has a show on that portrays real life dilemmas. I feel sorry for the vast number of personal problems the minister and his wife are having to endure. However many families across America are in similar situations with a parent progressing through Alzheimer, children progressing through turbulent teens, and the pressures of a job with middle as well as upper management. Thank you for airing the show and please keep it on. As noted earlier when your boss was deciding to air the show, perhaps God will speak to someone through this show at some point in time as people are ministered to in different ways. I conclude by thanking WITN for giving us the opportunity to watch this and hope you will continue to provide us with this viewing choice."
"I would like to respectfully submit my comments on "The Book of Daniel", which I watched on Friday night. I honestly had no desire to watch it after seeing the previews and reading the articles on it. But I felt like I had to see it before I contacted you about it. It was very much a waste of a Friday evening. From the Episcopal priest's first comments in his sermon, down to the last bit where the Catholic priest is trying to bribe Daniel to use a mafia-affiliated construction company to build his school, it was purely a huge slap in the face to Christians of all denominations. The characters are shallow, faithless, and obviously not basing any of their beliefs or actions on the infallible Word of God. Now I realize that this show was not made by Christians, so I never expected the characters to be very Christ-like, but this is utterly rediculous. I cannot imagine a Godly man first of all to take God's name in vain so flippantly and to preach that basically sin is OK because it enables us to be forgiven. Daniel's addiction to Vicodin is preposterous for a man of faith, and as for his conversations with the hippie character they try to pass off as Jesus Himself, they are so shallow and silly that they are completely worthless in giving the show any credibility. I know, as any Bible-reading Christian would know, that Jesus would not sit and accept all the wrong things that are going on in that man's life. He would tell him what God expects of him and the members of his family. To move on, I definitely believe that they chose the Episcopal denomination because of its liberal stance on homosexuality in recent years. Even Daniel thinks that people should "move into the 21st century" when it came to what they thought of homosexuality. They sure couldn't have done that with a Baptist or Methodist preacher character. This priest named Daniel (after one of the Old Testament's strongest Godly men) has a martini-drinking wife, a drug-dealing daughter, a gay son, and an adopted son who lays every pretty girl he wants to and thinks it's funny. It appears that he has taught them absolutely nothing about living an ethical life. That is a sad message to send America about what Christianity is all about. The faults of this show are just too numerous to address in a note of reasonable length. I only hope your station will be one of those socially responsible ones that does not air it anymore. If you do, I will delete your station from my televisions and not watch it anymore. Incidentally, the other shows that were advertised during "The Book of Daniel" were pretty disgusting as well."
"Well, I listened to the controversy, saw the comments made on camera and decided this was a must-see TV show. Thank goodness I saw it for myself. With only 4 NBC stations in the US not showing the "Book of Daniel", I'm glad I did not have to complain to Cox Communication and request they offer us another NBC station. I enjoyed the show. I did miss the first 5 minutes with a phone call from my nephew but I don't think I missed anything earth-shattering. It was a well performed show. It was an insight into an American family that just happened to be a priest's family and a man of God who talks with Jesus. More of us should talk with Jesus and not be so critical of those that do! I plan to watch or record the show for the balance of the season. Realizing that it is only a television show meant for entertainmnet, I believe it served its purpose. I'm sorry some people cannot be entertained without violence and bloodshed. The show had its comical moments (enjoyed) and gave insight into the characters and episodes for the future. Probably there will be an episode of the straight son getting into trouble with his 16 year old girlfriend. And who can say that has not happened in our American society? Please, if I may, encourage you to continue showing the episodes. If you must pull it, put it on after the nightly news when the self-righteous have supposedly gone to bed.
Thanks again, I enjoyed it.
I am a pastor and I watched The Book of Daniel last night because I knew that my parishioners would be asking my opinion and I wanted to know what I was talking about. Frankly, I loved the show. My daughter was "busted" recently for possession of marijuana, a beloved family member is struggling with homosexuality and my son reminds me of the character "Adam." We clergy families have just as many struggles as the rest of the world, sometimes more because of the "PK [preacher's kids] syndrome." I confess that I sometimes use language that I should not and understand the temptation to sedate oneself against the world. I also talk to Jesus a lot and believe he talks back if we are willing to listen -- just as indicated on the show -- and I also recognize the holiness and sanctity of ministry -- just as was indicated during the scene showing the death of a parishioner. If people only knew the humor and tragedy involved with ministry!! I loved this show. It spoke to me and made me laugh. At this point, I have no problem with it. I will continue to watch with discernment and I will share my opinion with my parishioners -- who, by the way, pray for me and for my family.
I watched the show and just read the comments made by the public. My wife and I have conferred and agree that the show, while a bit over the top, was not nearly worth the hoopla that has seemed to dominate many peoples opinions. We believe the show was setting the stage for future shows and doing a reasonable job of introducing the characters. Our main thoughts were that the show did focus a bit too much on drugs and drug use, but we are sure this is the writer's way of trying to show that it is not just illegal drugs that are a problem in our society today. All in all, we believe the show has merit and will watch it again. If anyone is critical of what is written here by us so far thinks we are some left-wing, liberal nuts, you are wrong. My wife and I are both registered Republicans and go to church and Sunday School almost every Sunday. Imagine that!!!! We saw nothing sacrilegious.
Many in the public seem to think Jesus talking with the minister is some how wrong. We think it effectively interjected self-criticism and reflection by the minister as he tried to weigh the ways-of-the-world with his religious convictions.
"Thank you for airing the show last night and giving viewers to opportunity to judge the show on its merits for themselves. After I had heard that some affiliates around the country would not even allow viewers to see it I was very pleased that you chose to do so.
However, I will not be watching it again simply because I found the characters totally unlikeable and the situations so totally "over the top" that its outrageousness became silly and very tiring after awhile. Thanks again for airing it!"
"I wanted to thank you so much for airing The Book of Daniel! I absolutely enjoyed watching this show, and hope that you will continue to air it! I saw nothing un-Christianlike about it; in fact, I think the show portrays reality quite well - a lot of people are experiencing some of what Daniel's family is going through. I applaud you in your efforts to allow people to make up their own minds about the show. Please, please continue to air The Book of Daniel. Thank you!"
"I was very disappointed to see that your station aired "The Book of Daniel" despite the overwhelming opposition to the show. As I'm sure you know, we live in the bible belt and the majority of our community are Christians. This show is demeaning and ridicules basic Christian beliefs and morals. Unfortunately, our family will be boycotting your station until the show has been taken off the air. We sincerely hope that this will compel you to re-think your decision to continuing airing this particular program. Thank you for your consideration."
"I absolutely LOVED The Book of Daniel!!!!! Thank you so much for allowing us to make up our own minds about the show!!! I do hope and wish that you will continue to show this show every Friday. Thank you again!!!"
"I just wanted to take the opportunity to write in about "Book of Daniel". I did not have any pre-determined objections to the content of the show, but did not expect that it would be one that I would enjoy to a great degree. But I watched the show last night and was greatly surprised. I enjoyed it considerably and will most likely continue to watch it regularly. I was very disappointed when WITN at first chose not to air "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" which was very popular on Bravo, but our cable system did not carry Bravo yet (now they do and it is one of my more frequently watched cable networks). Just because there is a gay character on a show does not make it objectionable, despite what the so-called "American Family Association" may say. Families come in very diverse arrangements and that is what makes things interesting. I probably watch NBC more than the other networks. My favorite shows are Will & Grace, The West Wing, and Scrubs. I also like ER. I am a frequent participant in NBC-Universal viewer polls online. Don't cave in to pressure from extreme groups who think that their viewpoint is the only one which should be presented to the public."
"It is with great disappointment that I am writing this letter to you. After a voter poll unamimously proved that the viewers in eastern North Carolina were against showing the Book of Daniel on Friday night, you still chose to capitalize on the controversy generated by this show to increase your viewership. What a farce this show was and I truly believe that the people in this area didn't even watch the show. We are raising a generation of children and tomorrow's leaders to rise above such practices as this. I believe that God will be honored by those who saw this show as trash and boycotted it. I surely hope that in the future you will cancel this show and air the Truth rather than Trash."
"I have reserved my judgment till after viewing the program, or at least part of it, to see if it had any redeeming quality at all. It was so boring I turned to another channel before it was over. The sound quality was bad, the acting was bad, and the overall quality - entertainment - was lacking. If not for the pre-publicity, it would have been a total dud. Tho it touts itself not to be a 'religious program', it certainly makes a statement against those who believe the Jesus of the Bible. It is certainly blasphemous because it denies entirely the power of the living saviour. If I worshipped a Jesus like that, I would find another religion. Our society is already so morally depraved that there was not even any shock value here. My opinion: scrape this series for something more entertaining or informative. Why not do something on health or fitness or cooking or something in which people are interested."
"I am glad you chose to show the program. It's scary to think that a few extremists can create so much fear that a media organization would consider censorship in this Nation which was built on freedom of expression of religion and speech. Show is cute, but not controversial."
"What's the big deal over this show? Just because they use an actor to portray Jesus while a minister is "talking" to him, so what? I'm sure ministers "talk" to Jesus for guidance all the time. So in this show they portray a guy as Jesus talking back. Are we so narrow minded these days we can't accept something as trivial as that? How can some Christians support a buffoon like Pat Robertson and close their minds to a cute little comedic TV show like this? I found it to be quite amusing, and would be careful about cancelling something just because of a few conservative whackos! And yes, I'm both Christian and Conservative, but this issue is silly...."
As you suggested on the 6P.M. news this evening, I watched, or should I say tried to watch, THE BOOK OF DANIEL. I turned it off a few minutes ago. I couldn't stand to watch it any longer.
I believe the purpose of a tv show, movie, or play is to entertain or educate. This show does neither. It pokes fun at the Episcopal Church, and the very essence of Christianity. I have known many clerics in my life. They do have family problems, but certainly not in such an abundance. Clergy strive to set a good example for the rest of us.† I'm not saying they're perfect. But this priest is obsessed with sex, addicted to drugs, and certainly not very caring to his flock; and his bishop " likes codine". The portrayal of Jesus is not the Jesus I know. The Jesus I have been taught ab out, and have come to know is compasionate, and caring to all. He is not "with it".
I feel this must be an urban view of Christianity and the Church.
I understand a large percentage of the people do not think this show should be aired. Whether you decide to keep showing it or not, I will not be watching it.
What a great show. You guys were over-hyping the show. DO NOT TAKE THIS OFF. I want to continue to follow the saga.
What is the purpose of this show? I can't figure out whether the writers wanted to make this a comedy, satire, serious or just ho hum. It is ho hum. The references to the prophet Daniel are out in left field. It has nothing to do with the Book of Daniel. The characters are believe and the Jesus character is a very likable character, but I don't see this as going anywhere. I will say that it may make congregations see the minister as a normal person who has just as many problems as they do.† If I were ever to meet Jesus, I would want him to look like the character and react in a similar manner.
Probablly the biggest problem for many people is the title. Perhaps if there was another title, there would be less controversy. But maybe that is the reason for the title. Thanks for airing and letting me see for myself. But my vote is a No.
Thank you for airing this program! I have not watched regular "prime time" programming for many years because of "Direct-Tv". I watch your morning news and weather just about every morning, and saw the remarks†about "The Book of Daniel" . I watched it tonight and thought it was GREAT! If this program continues to be aired, YOU will have another Friday night follower and I will tell everyone about the show. Once thanks for the open-minded approached with this program.
Please reconsider your decision to air the midseason series The Book of Daniel, as it is clearly a show that demeans Christianity.I am writing you this e-mail after seeing you on the 6PM news tonight warning viewers about the content and advising us to monitor our television. If a news executive realizes that the content of a television program is inappropriate and yet still chooses to show the program, the decision is clearly motivated by ratings and financial gain. Any show that you need to warn people about, you don't need to show! Please realize that it is not funny in this least to portray a show as a serious drama, while the entire premise attempts to mock Christian people and Christian faith. In closing, as a dedicated viewer it would be beneficial if you showed a little more respect for Christians who believe in the Bible and took the feelings of a majority of your viewing audience under consideration. Thank you!
After 5 minutes of watching the Book of Daniel, I knew WITN made a HUGE mistake in airing the show. It is an absolute disgrace to people in the community who are Christians, to ministers who preach the word of God and to people who do have problems like those
portrayed in the program. The show makes a mockery of people who struggle with drug-use, homosexuality,alcoholism, etc. And most of all, it makes a mockery of Jesus Christ, the One who sets people free from these problems. You have before you a choice: to do
good and take this trash off the air or leave it on and demoralize the people of Eastern North Carolina. Do Good!
I as a Christain was very upset by the language of a so called minister. I would hope no child would be allowed to watch such a program, with the language and disrepect that those kids showed their parents. It teaches nothing. He also used the Lord's name in vain. If the sponsers that were shown tonight during the program are going to support such a program maybe the Christains should boycott their products. Maybe
that would make a stand.
God is a forgiving God but he also wants us to repent and turn away from evil, and if we don't we will have to pay the consoquences of our actions. I do not intend to watch this show again. Thank you for reading my e-mail.
This was one of the most entertaining shows that has been on television in years. They covered many areas of life but none was done inappropriately. Maybe if more people talked to Jesus this world and people wouldn't be in such a mess. Other than WOF, Jeopardy and periodically the news, this would be about the only other show on WITN that I'd spend time watching.
Thanks for airing this show tonight to let us see for ourselves if we are being too judgemental.
Well, I do believe there was not a single sin, except murder, left out of this show and with the mafia involved, there may have been an unnoticed murder.
I noticed a lack of sponsors also.
In my opinion, this was enough. All of these problems are going on in some families but I do not want to be "entertained" by them. My idea of good entertainment is a show that makes me laugh, does not use profanity and can be watched by children.
It is enough to have shows such as Will and Grace, Sex in the City, CSI,
reality shows, etc being aired in prime time. We need more shows like Reba! There IS a reason that the Andy Griffith show has stayed popular for nearly 60 years. Maybe there are more of "us" than "them".
My vote is NO! No more Book of Daniel on the airways of eastern
North Carolina. Thank you for caring enough to listen to your viewiers. Getting back to decency has to start somewhere.