Creator, Actor Talk About Controversial Show

The Emails and phone calls are still coming in to WITN-TV, both for and against the station's airing of NBC's controversial new show the "Book of Daniel." We had a chance to interview two of the central figures in the controversy Thursday. Actor Aidan Quinn plays the minister addicted to prescription drugs with an alcoholic wife, drug-dealing daughter, gay son and lesbian sister-in-law. Jack Kenny is the creator and executive producer of the show, which is scheduled to premiere on NBC stations Friday night. Kenny says, "There's a lot going on story wise because it's a television show and so, they are plot driven, a lot of plots for each character. The Jesus that appears is Daniel's version of Jesus, who he talks to in his head, but Jesus takes a form so we can see the discussions. The idea of mocking anything never came to mind when I was writing it. I have nothing but respect for these characters in this world, and I'm a Christian myself."