Controversial T-shirt Slams 2 NC Cities

It's just a tee shirt, but it seems to be raising eyebrows for anyone who sees it. It slams 2 North Carolina cities.

The shirt reads: "I'd rather be shot in Durham than die of boredom in Cary."

Gabriel En-Goetz designed the graphic tee with a few words which generalizes Cary as a cookie cutter, vanilla, soccer-mom utopia and categorizes Durham as a violent, crime-ridden city where you need to watch your back.

"Granted, controversial material definitely always sells," said En-Goetz.

En-Goetz says he knows it's not politically correct and added he was born, raised, and still resides in Durham.

The mayor of Durham would not respond to the shirt's statement.

The mayor of Cary says both communities have a lot going for them and are places people are proud to live.

The shirt is not available just yet. It goes on sale beginning next week.