Woman Warns Toys R Us With Call During Greenville Shooting Spree

While the shooting was unfolding in Greenville Friday, a woman made a call to the Toys R Us that may have saved lives.

Erin Pierce, along with her co-worker Scott Lane, arrived at the Applebee's restaurant on Greenville Boulevard just moments before a gunman shot a man across the street in front of the Kellum Law Firm.

Pierce and Lane saw a man wearing all black and headphones on his ears with a backpack carrying a rifle.

"From that point, everyone kind of jumped to that side of the restaurant to try to figure out where he was going," Lane said.

They saw him make his way to the Walmart parking lot, where police say he shot three people, then turn toward the Toys R Us.

"The first thing that crossed my mind was he can't get into that Toys R Us," Pierce said. "My hand was shaking so bad that I couldn't Google their number."

Pierce said a waitress found the number, then Pierce made the call.

"I was able to talk to the Toys R Us people and tell them to lock the doors, that the shooter was on his way."

Pierce says she saw the gunman pull on the door of the Toys R Us but couldn't open them. She says the gunman then ran as police were pursuing him.

"It was so surreal," Pierce said. "The most surreal part is seeing the man in the parking lot and all of the people causally walking along the parking lot while he was carrying a gun and had already fired the gun."

Pierce called the toy store after the ordeal.

"I was able to confirm they were able to lock the doors before he got there, that was such a relief I actually burst into tears."

Pierce says she lived in Washington D.C. during the D.C. sniper shootings, and she believes that experience helped her reaction Friday in Greenville.