CAUGHT ON DASHCAM: Man Admittedly On LSD Tazed By Officers At Ayden Walmart

Police in the east say it took 3 officers and a taser to subdue a man who officials say admitted to physicians he had taken acid.

Ayden Police Chief Barry Stanley says that it all started around 3:27 p.m. at the Handy Mart on Highway 102, when 22-year-old Jacob Strickland of Wilson, chased a car on foot over to the Walmart. Chief Stanley says officers arrived on scene after being alerted to a disturbance at the Walmart.

Officers say when they arrived on scene, Strickland was belligerent and refused to calm down. When they tried to arrest Strickland, officers say he began to fight them. Strickland was tasered one time, got back up, and fought officers again, according to officials. Chief Stanley says that Strickland was tasered a second time and that it took 3 officers to subdue him.

Chief Stanley says that the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene with leg shackles.

Officials say that the man was taken to Vidant Medical Center where they say he admitted to doctors that he had taken LSD, also known as acid. LSD is known for causing hallucinations.

Strickland has been charged with 3 counts of assault, 1 count of damage to property, and 1 count of resist, delay and obstruct.

Chief Stanley says that one of the officers suffered some bruising to his arms.