Simpson Residents Speak Out About Police Chief Position Eliminated

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Feeling that their safety and security are at risk, residents of the Village of Simpson in Pitt County are spoke out Monday before the village council officially voted to replace the full-time police chief position with 2 part time officers to save money.

Simpson decided to remove it's police chief position starting July 1st when next year's budget begins.

Monday night the village held a public hearing, and while mayor David Boyd says the sheriff's office and 2 part-time officers will suffice, some people living in Simpson are worried that no chief could lead to more crime.

Rebecca Thompson says she thinks if there are budget issues, the cuts could be made somewhere else.

"We sort of like to let the past go, and we have a new person that seems to be working out well and we'd like to continue with him. And I think he's worth the money. I think we can make cuts somewhere else," said Thompson.

The current police chief, Rob Voliva, has been chief since January and will serve as one of the part-time officers starting July 1st.

Over the past 2 years, former police chief John Waters was involved in a shooting and two crashes with his cruiser.

The village of Simpson in Pitt County has decided to eliminate it's police chief position.

Mayor David Boyd says due to budget cuts, he and the village council decided taxpayers' money could be better spent on two part-time officers.

Chief Rob Voliva, who has been in that position since January, tells WITN he will keep the chief position until July first when the new budget kicks in and has accepted an offer to become one of the part-time officers.

Mayor Boyd says he will perform administrative duties for the police department.

Voliva says he understands the decision and trusts sheriff's deputies will patrol when officers aren't on duty.

A public hearing is scheduled Monday night at 7:00 pm at the village hall.