Police Hope Dramatic Video Of Arsonist Helps Catch Suspect

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Greenville Police released dramatic surveillance video Wednesday of an arson that sparked a lot of attention when a longtime Greenville business was set on fire. Investigators hope the video helps nab the arson suspect.

It looks like the suspect ran away with his clothes on fire, but officers can't say definitively if the suspect was burned that night, which would be helpful in identifying him. Police say they believe he used flammable liquid wrapped in a towel, but they still aren't sure why.

"Maybe he was going to go in to do a break in and use the fire to cover his tracks and the fire got out of hand, who knows at this point," said Sgt. Joe Friday

Police think someone knows what happened, and released the video to track down this arson suspect.

"There are people who have information about it who know about it besides the primary suspect. So we're looking to get some people to come forward," said Friday.

A loyal customer of Gordon's for several years says he wants this video to bring an end to the search as well.

"Hopefully. He deserves to be in jail," said Terry Hamilton.

The owners chose not to speak with us about the video for insurance purposes, but told us before they have no idea who would want to set fire to their store and they said they have no motive to have any part in the fire saying they planned to stay open for many more years.

Hamilton says the owner of the store that burned, Gordon Fulp, is a nice guy, and has always been good to him as a customer, and he didn't deserve this.

Gordon's Golf Ski and Snowboards has been in Greenville 41 years and was at the Arlington Boulevard location 16 years.

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Police released dramatic video today of an arsonist running on fire from a Greenville business that burned down.

In late April, Gordon's Golf & Ski on Arlington Boulevard was destroyed in an arson fire.

Store surveillance cameras at Gordon's show the person, who is dressed in dark clothing, throwing a combustible item into the front door. The person steps into the store and seconds later the building erupts in flames. The arsonist is then seen with their clothes on fire running away.

Anyone with information on the identity of the person seen in the video should call Greenville police or Pitt-Greenville CrimeStoppers at 252-758-7777.

Gordon's reopened a couple weeks ago, at a temporary location across the street.

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Owners of Gordon's Golf and Ski Shop in Greenville that was destroyed in a fire last month have now reopened at a new location.

Gordon and Pel Fulp say this has been a long and difficult journey for them.

They have moved to a new temporary building across the street on Arlington Boulevard while their old building gets rebuilt.

Their new temporary store opened on Monday.

The Fulp's say the transition has been exhausting, and losing their building has been like a death in the family.

Gordon Fulp says, "Every night we probably only sleep an hour or two. Thinking about, I hope it doesn't happen again, and who could be that cruel. There's just a lot of things that run through your mind and you just don't get any sleep."

That's because Greenville Police say the fire was arson.

Fulp says, "We suspected it because when I got to the fire that hadn't been going very long one of the windows was broken and the fire was coming through the window and I told the investigating people that it looked to me that something had been thrown through the building or that something had gone on."

Fulp also says, "There's no way that we would ever burn our building, simply because we wanted to stay in business for several more years, we never increased our insurance and we would've turned our video system off if we were going to do it."

Fulp says they lost nearly half a million dollars in merchandise in the fire. They hope to be back at their old location in about six months.

Greenville Police are still investigating the arson and ask if you have any information to contact crimestoppers.