More Than 300 Parents Ready to File Suit Against Pitt County School Board

A redistricting decision by the Pitt County school board has sparked a lawsuit. Attorney Charles McLawhorn says he represents over 300 parents from 12 neighborhoods in Pitt County that plan to file a lawsuit in January if the school board does not reverse an October 24 decision to redistrict five elementary schools in the county. School officials say the goal of the decision is to create more racially balanced schools in the county. Pitt County schools spokesperson Heather Mayo says the board stands by their decision and has no plans to change its position and will go ahead with the redistricting plan that is slated to begin Fall 2006. McLawhorn appeared before the board Monday night and asked them to reconsider the student reassignment plan which requires those five schools to have a ratio of 65 percent to 68 percent minority students. McLawhorn says the heart of the lawsuit is the board used race to make their decision which he says is unconstitutional.