Ironclad Shut Down

You can't miss seeing it if you tried to, an exact replica of the CSS Neuse Ironclad is on display in downtown Kinston.

However, instead of stirring oh's and ah's, it's raising a lot of eyebrows, especially among city leaders. Friday city officials cut electricity to the site, stopping tours of the replica ironclad until safety concerns and jurisdiction issues can be solved. The ships project manager tells WITN the CSS Neuse 2 was deemed a vessel by the US Coast Guard, making the structure under sole jurisdiction of gunboat officials. But city officials argue the structure is not all masonry -violating city codes, and therefore they had to step in and shut tours down.

A meeting will be held Monday between city leaders and CSS Neuse 2 officials to try and reach a resolution. The boat is 158 feet long, 34 feet wide, 24 feet tall, and an exact duplicate of the one built in Seven Springs in 1862.