Medical Examiner Releases Cause of Haddock Dail and Roberts Death

Medical examiners at East Carolina University's Brody School of medicine have now identified the second set of remains found in Gail Haddock Dail's van as those of her granddaughter, Heather Roberts, who was 15-when she went missing. Haddock Dail's remains were positively identified Tuesday. Dr. M.G.F. Gilliland, the medical examiner in charge of the autopsies, also tells WITN her examination of the remains showed, in her opinion, no foul play, but that the two died by drowning. She also says the fact that the bodies were kept underwater for nearly a year helped in her investigation. Dr. Gilliland says, “The situation with the van and the cold water did preserve the bodies remarkable well. There were things that we could find that helped us understand, that nothing else had happened to them." Law enforcement officials and the district attorney in Craven County are planning a news conference Thursday to talk more about what the medical examiner found. Meanwhile, Haddock Dail and Roberts family members released this statement Wednesday: "We, the family of Gail Haddock Dail and Heather Lynne Roberts, would like to extend our sincerest thanks to the many people who have offered their love and support over the past eleven months. The discovery of our loved ones has been both devastating and relieving to us. We have waited for this news for so long and can now find answers to the many questions and closure for the trial we've endured. Gail and Heather are two of the most special people we've known and we are truly blessed to have shared our lives with them. Though they are now gone, our love for them is everlasting and we will never forget the impact they have had on our lives."