Update: Escaped Inmate From Chowan County Apprehended In Virginia

An inmate--who escaped from the Chowan County Detention Facility yesterday-- is now in police custody in Virginia.

Brandon Maurice Blount will have to wait for extradition back to Chowan county, but for now he's off the streets.

The 21 year old from Elizabeth City was located by Chesapeake, Virginia, sleeping in vehicle that was reported stolen on Sunday.

Blount was arrested Friday under larceny charges, now authorities say they will add escape charges to his record.


The Chowan County Sheriff's Department is searching for an escaped inmate at this hour.

They say 21 year old Brandon Maurice Blount of Elizabeth City in on the run.

We hope to get a picture of him as soon as it become available.

We're told Blount was in jail, charged with stealing a motor vehicle.