Remains Identified As Gail Haddock Dail

Authorities say work will continue Wednesday to identify one of the bodies found Tuesday in a mini van in the Neuse River in Craven County. Results are back from one autopsy. Authorities confirmed Tuesday the identity of Gail Haddock Dail. They are not releasing the results concerning her cause of death, but we were told by Craven Count District Attorney David McFadyen that we would know those results in the coming days. As for confirmation concerning the second set of remains, the D.A. says that autopsy should be completed Wednesday. On a different note, WITN learned something interesting concerning the route Gail Haddock Dail was taking the night she and Heather disappeared. According to the State Department of Transportation, from November 2004 until March 2005, there was a detour from Highway 55 to Turkey Quarter Creek Road to repair a box culvert. Transportation officials say the detour was in effect Dec 7, 2004 when Gail and Heather went missing. The detour also included Weatherington Farm Road, which altogether took out about a mile of Highway 55 for five months. Department of Transportation officials say investigating authorities asked about this detour and could be one possible scenario that may explain what happened.