Camp Lejeune Bans "Dangerous Dogs"

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Dangerous dogs are being banned in military housing on a Marine Corps base in North Carolina where a 3-year-old boy bled to death last year after he was bitten by a pit bull.

The order from the Camp Lejeune base commander bans full or mixed breeds of pit bull, rottweiler and wolf hybrids. It also bans any dog with a record of vicious behavior.

Base officials decided on the ban after Julian Slack died last May when a family friend stopped by Slack's base home with a pit bull that bit the boy on his face, head, neck and arms.

Story from May 2008:
Camp Lejeune says a three-year-old was killed by a family friend's dog who came on base for a visit yesterday.

The Onslow County Medical Examiners Office says an autopsy this morning shows Julian Slack bled to death, due to the severity of the dog bites.

The autopsy says the child was bitten on the face, neck, head and right arm.

This afternoon base officials say the toddler was being watched by a baby sitter yesterday when the family friend arrived. A short time after the arrival, someone let the Pit Bull inside the home.

Base public affairs officers say the investigation shows a short time later the Pit Bull became startled and excited by something the child was doing and the dog attacked him. The base says the dog was not provoked by the child.

The base says the child's parents pulled up to the home as the attack was happening, and that's when the father rushed his son to the hospital in his own vehicle.

Camp Lejeune does have pet restrictions on base. They are to be on leash or in a fenced in area at all times. The public affairs office says it's not sure what restrictions there are for people visiting the base with their pets.

Wednesday Night's Story

Base officials at Camp Lejeune say a three-year old boy was bitten by a Pit Bull on base and died.

Few details are available as the investigation is continuing. We're told the Pit Bull is currently being held at the Camp Lejeune Kennel.

A base spokesman says the incident happened at Tarawa Terrace. It's unclear what led to the attack.

Onslow County Memorial Hospital spokesman Tim Strickland says the father of the boy drove him to the hospital. Strickland says the boy did not have a pulse when he arrived.

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