Gasoline Prices Jump Across North Carolina

Gasoline prices are on the rise in parts of North Carolina and some station owners say the price is up because of delivery charges. Triple-A-Carolinas says the average price for unleaded in the Triangle is two-dollars-90 cents a gallon. But prices at some stations already are up to three-dollars-nine-cents a gallon. The owner of a station in Durham says the cost is being boosted by delivery fees as well as credit cards, which charge stations a fee. He says he makes a dime a gallon when people pay with cash but just over two cents when they pay with credit. Stations in the Charlotte area also are boosting prices past
three dollars a gallon. Some owners there say they are having trouble getting regular deliveries. About half of 32 station surveyed in the Charlotte area say their prices are between three-ten and three-20 a gallon. The rest are about two-90. The director of the state petroleum marketing group says drivers can help by not topping their tanks.