North Topsail Island Already Taking a Beating

Caspers Marina, right on the Swansboro waterfront, is starting to prepare now in anticipation of Ophelia's arrival. They know what a slow moving storm can mean to docks, boats and their massive dry stack marina, which is why they are taking Ophelia so seriously.

And in North Topsail Beach, low-lying areas are already exposed to overwash. In some spots, tides are rolling in up to the duneline as high tide approached. There could be three more high tide cycles that will eat away at the dunes and where there are no dunes, might do some serious damage on the North end to houses, some in the two million dollar range. Onwasa has turned off the water on Topsail Island. Only problem is, that created another concern. How do you fight a fire if one starts with no water at the hydrants?