Share Your Home

Thousands who are seeking new places to live after Katrina, and some here in the East who have space, are finding it difficult to find each other. Many want to help from the heart, but need to use their heads, to provide shelter to Katrina's victims headed to Eastern Carolina. The photo of 89-year-old America Romero and her son, in a Raleigh shelter, victims of the storm, spurred Gena and Joseph Hill of Jacksonville, Onslow County, into action. But a frustrating day of calling has them no closer to their goal. Joseph said, "We can not find anyone to be the middle person, or take responsibility, of helping us locate and donate." Even the Red Cross cannot take on the task of doing background checks on victims, or screen donors like the Hills to make sure they can back their generosity with a real place to stay. That's when the Hills found a new organization online,, that will do that, and match homes with people like America Romero. The Hills are now going through that process, hoping to share their house with an evacuee soon.