Theft, Robbery, A Chase, and Drugs in Pitt County

First, steal a vehicle, next rob a store, wrap it all up with a high speed chase and a drug bust and you've got a made for TV movie, but lawmen say that was the reality for two suspects Saturday morning.

Beaufort County lawmen say Titus Yancey and Brandon Johnson both from Greenvile were arrested Saturday.

Authorities say it all started in Washington where Name Plates Incorporated was held up by two men fitting the description of a carjacking that occurred just moments before. After law enforcement agencies were informed, a high speed chase began between the suspects and several law enforcement agencies including Highway Patrolmen following in the air.

Authorities later arrested the suspects after catching the two men on foot. During the chase, Highway Patrol in the air also spotted a patch of marijuana growing near Vandermill Mobile Mill. No word on who was arrested for that.