Suspects Arrested In Kash & Karry Murder And Armed Robbery

A week long search for three suspects in that deadly Grifton convenience store robbery is over. A flood of calls to a tipline led lawmen to these three men... 20 year old Jeffrey Hill, 22 year old James Hill and 20 year old David Green, all from Kinston. They were taken into custody early Friday morning around 3 a.m.. Jeffrey Hill is a former employee of the Kash and Karry where the crime took place. While only one did the actual shooting, all three are charged with an open count of murder and armed robbery. Lawmen say they recovered three Halloween masks, similar to the ones described in the robbery and murder, a shotgun, rifle, two cars and some cash believed to be from the store safe. The Pitt County sheriff says the public was a big help. Workers at the Kash and Karry say it's a shame someone who used to work at the store is now accused of such a crime.