Toddler Drowns in Pool

A backyard pool became the scene of heartbreak again, as a toddler drowned in Jacksonville. Authorities say a 23-month-old was found dead in a family's above ground pool. This is the fourth drowning in Onslow County this year, a terrible year say officials from fire, rescue, and law enforcement, as well as the local Red Cross chapter. First, Monday's incident, which happened on Westminister Drive just blocks from city hall and Jacksonville's main fire station. Fire and rescue crews were called and found the 23-month-old, who has not been identified, out of the pool and not breathing. They performed C.P.R. and took the child to Onslow Memorial Hospital, where police say the child was pronounced dead and where their investigation begins. It is also the fourth time a drowning has happened and the second involving a toddler. The other occurred in June in a hot tub out in the county.