Mold Eating Away at Classrooms

Parents are scared, even angry following the discovery of a huge mold infestation at Ocracoke School, that's claimed at least seven classrooms. School officials are racing against time to gut and replace affected ceilings, walls and floors. The debris field out back is impressive, and has many islanders wondering just what's going on inside. This week at Ocracoke School has been something like that scene in the movie "E.T." with lots of people in special suits running around and cellophane hanging over all the doors. That's because there's negative pressure inside. None of the bad, moldy air can get into the rest of the building. There's special machines that will scrub the air clean of mold before it's pumped back outside. School is on schedule to open August 29, even if parts of the building remain under quarantine and kids have to cram together. But that could change. No matter what, Principal George Ortman wants to reassure parents and staff, that safety remains priority one.