Former U.S. Congressman Sent to Prison

He served our nation and our state, now former U.S. Congressman Frank Ballance will serve time behind bars. Wednesday afternoon, Ballance was sentenced in federal court after being convicted on conspiracy charges. Ballance was sentenced to four years in prison in an Elizabeth City Federal courtroom. The Democrat pled guilty to conspiracy last fall, admitting that he had defrauded taxpayers.

Federal judge Terrence Boyle gave Ballance until December 30 to turn himself in and begin serving the sentence. Ballance will also make restitution of nearly $62,000 and forfeit $203,000 being held in a bank escrow account in the name of the John A. Hyman Memorial Foundation. Prosecutors said Ballance channeled millions of dollars in state money to the non-profit foundation. The group's mission was to help poor people fight drug and alcohol abuse.