You Won't Believe What WITN Uncovered This Time in Bertie County

Since June, WITN has investigated the spending habits of some Bertie County school employees and what we've found is the paper trail keeps getting longer. A four-bedroom house on White Oak Road near Windsor is the latest purchase by some Bertie County school officials. The price tag? County records show it cost taxpayers near $123,000 dollars. WITN requested and received access to receipts and spreadsheets provided to Bertie County commissioners for that house constructed with county money. It's money county officials say was originally requested by the school board for computers and other improvements to local schools. The chairman of the Bertie County commissioners says nothing was ever mentioned about a house. School officials say they plan to give the county additional financial information on the house and other purchases in question by this Friday and no one at central office will comment until then. Additional documents obtained by WITN also show a trip for several district employees to Las Vegas paid for with taxpayer money. It's a destination county commissioners are questioning.