Ophelia Relief Fund

Ophelia Relief

Damages from Hurricane Ophelia exceeded $33 million in coastal North Carolina. Coastal homes, businesses and farms were battered by 85mph winds and 7-10 foot storm surges. WITN-TV and NextMedia Radio Partners are soliciting cash contributions to support relief efforts with direct assistance to displaced families.

Make your cash contributions at one of our donation locations or mail your donation to:

Hurricane Ophelia Relief Fund


P.O. Box 468

Washington, NC 27889

Make checks or money orders payable to "Hurricane Ophelia Relief Fund"

100% of funds raised will support relief efforts without administrative or other fees.

Business and individuals interested in participating and/or partnering with WITN's Ophelia Emergency Relief effort are encouraged to contact the station at 252-946-3131 or relief@witntv.com

Hurricane Damage Estimates Top $33 million

Carteret County Estimates $16 Million Damage

Town of Emerald Isle staff completed its formal damage assessment and reported this information to the Carteret County Emergency Management Office.

  • A total of 410 structures in Emerald Isle suffered "minor damage" (lost shingles, lost siding, etc.)

  • A total of 129 structures suffered "major damage" (flood damage, major roof damage, blown out windows).

  • 6 structures that were classified as totally destroyed.

Carteret County has been declared a Federal Disaster Area by President Bush, and will be eligible for FEMA assistance.

Onslow County $8.5 Million Damage Estimate

Onslow County's Damage Assessment Teams have concluded their windshield survey of damage and are reporting the following preliminary figures of structural damage in Onslow County as a result of H. Ophelia:

Town of Swansboro


Hubert (Bear Creek area)


Town of Holly Ridge


North Topsail Beach


Sneads Ferry area




The damage assessment teams are comprised of employees from the Onslow County Tax Department.

Crop Damage

Initial estimates of crop damage in North Carolina reached $19.6 million on Friday. Affected crops included corn, cotton, peanuts, soybeans, sweet potatoes and tobacco and the initial estimate was based on reports from 13 North Carolina counties. More counties will report next week.*

Crop acres affected and dollar losses for leading crops are as follows, according to the state agriculture officials:

Corn 62,576 acres $5.23 million
Soybeans 115,053 acres $3.66 million
Tobacco 6,744 acres $4.08 million
Fruit and vegetables 9.097 acres $2.63 million

*source: Reuters