Hundreds Of Marines & Sailors Head To The Bayou

Hundreds more Marines and Sailors will be spending Labor Day not on leave, but laboring to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The U.S.S. Whidbey Island arrived at Morehead City's state port Friday afternoon, to pick up heavy equipment and a special task force of hundreds of Marines from the east. This kind of deployment usually takes months of planning to pull off. But, this mission got underway in less than 4 days, and less than 12 hours to load this one ship. Along with another ship arriving Saturday from Norfolk, ships and helicopters already headed South, hundreds more Camp Lejeune Marines will fly from Cherry Point directly to the disaster zone. All they want is for the victims to know help is on the way. Taking generators, heavy machinery, and rifles, too... The Marines could take on missions from debris removal and setting up shelter sites, to military police duties, supporting civilian law enforcement anywhere along the Gulf Coast.