Two Area Schools Go Into Lockdown

A man with a gun led lawmen on a chase near two Onslow County schools Friday afternoon. And he's still on the run. A state trooper spotted a car speeding North on 17 in Dixon and gave chase. A white Cadillac ran down a dirt road, onto camp Lejeune's training areas, but crashed right near the Dixon Crossroads and the 2 schools there. Trooper Mike Jones says the man bailed out carrying a pistol, but left 3 people behind in the car. As he covered them and called in help, county deputies, Marine military police and even a pair of U.S. Marshals passing by spotted the man. At one point, they even had him on the ground at gunpoint, but could not keep him from running into rugged woods. Even with a state helicopter, the area proved too thick to find that suspect. So, lawmen stood by as schools dismissed from a lockdown and are now relying on calls from local neighbors to resume any search.