WITN Investigation Raises More Questions

Yesterday a WITN investigation revealed what some are calling questionable spending habits by some Bertie County school employees. It's money the Bertie Board of Commissioners is examining. After continuing to review financial documents, we uncovered more information. Financial documents obtained by WITN show food, entertainment and gifts paid for with credit cards belonging to the Bertie County School system. One example is a purchase at Wilson Leather Goods in Niagara Falls for over a $100. Another is Real One arcade game passes totaling more than $87. Three purchases from a Hallmark store in Chesapeake, Virginia totaling nearly $150. Rick Harrell is chairman of the Bertie County commissioners, who asked for these financial statements from the school district. WITN is working to talk to the school district's legal representation. County commissioners are reviewing the financial information and will determine what action, if any will be taken.