The Community Helps Find a Little Girl

Pitt County sheriff's deputies say the community has helped rescue a little girl. Deputies say 11-year-old Lekeshiya Barfield was picked up at her grandparents house, who are her legal guardians on August 1st, by her mother Tawanda and her mother's boyfriend, Jesse Gallo. Lawmen say Lekeshiya was supposed to be brought back on August 4 but wasn't, prompting a search. Deputies go on to say Jesse Gallo is wanted for taking indecent liberties with a minor. Authorities say after running Lakeishiya's picture and the couples description on area news channels, a viewer called in with information on their whereabouts. Both Tawanda Barfield and Jesse Gallo are in custody in Kenly in Wilson County and Lekeshiya is in good health and will be returned to her grandparents.