Motel Returning To Normal After Meth Lab Discovery

Things are returning to normal at a Washington County motel after part of it was evacuated yesterday.

Authorities say they've discovered a meth lab in one of the rooms.

The Port-O-Plymouth Inn off U.S. 64 East of Plymouth is where deputies made the discovery. They initially evacuated some 20 rooms Sunday.

Deputy Chief Brian Hardison says two people are in custody.

Shannon Whigham of Montgomery, Ala. is charged with two counts of manufacturing methamphetamine including possession of precursor materials and placed under $100,000.00 bond.

Shawn Matthews of Hartville, S.C. was charged with one count of manufacturing methamphetamine and one count of felony possession of prescription pills and was placed under $50,000.00 bond.

Deputies say the two men worked for National Boiler Service, and were doing work at a local paper mill.

HAZMAT teams and the SBI were at the motel this morning.

Authorities say two rooms in the motel will be off limits to guests until the health department says they're okay. One of those rooms was where the actual lab was located, while the other was where some of the suspects were staying.

Deputies say they received the call from motel management at 4:45pm Sunday evening. Once deputies realized it appeared to be a meth lab they secured the area, called in HAZMAT teams and the State Bureau of Investigation.