Scam Alert

Scammed. It almost happened to one Beaufort County woman. Now she’s sharing her story to keep it from happening to you. Mary Jordan of Washington received an official looking check in the mail she thought was a loan to pay taxes and fees to claim a million dollar prize. That's where lawmen say the scam begins. Investigators say victims are sometimes first notified by phone and asked for money to cover those fees to get the big bucks. If you can't pay those fees the scammers send you a loan check, like in Jordan's case. And that's where they get you: the check is bogus. But before you realize that, you've already cashed it and sent the money back. Now you're responsible for the money that you just gave the scammers. Beaufort County investigators say one other case involving a similar scam was reported last month, but they have had several similar incidents in the past. Lawmen say if you receive a phone call or letter for a contest you aren't familiar with report it immediately.