New Superintendent Speaks Out

For months WITN has reported about the spending habits of some Bertie County School officials. Now the new superintendent is speaking out. Doctor Nettie Collins Hart, Bertie County Schools superintendent since July, says she's reviewed credit card statements and other expenditures county officials are questioning and says she hasn't found anything unethical or criminal about the purchases. Collins Hart says charges in question like a trip to Las Vegas and a boat ride on Niagara Falls were for educational advancement and team building of central office staff. As for the house, the school board constructed on White Oak Road with taxpayer money initially requested for computers and other school improvements, she says the property will not be sold and no one will live in the house this year. Collins Hart adds some staff members have voluntarily surrendered their cards. She says, "I think there's some things that were discretionary that were judgment calls on the part of the people that were using the charge cards. Probably some procedural things that could have been different."