All Kinds of Boats... All Made From Cardboard

There were pirates, a turtle and even some junior engineers all racing for glory Sunday on the New River in Jacksonville. And, what a race!

The Riverwalk Festival's first-ever Great Cardboard Boat Race hit the waterfront Sunday afternoon. Some of the early contenders were a couple of pirate ships that ended up sinking, Onslow County Tourism's cardboard turtle boat that turned, turtle. The Sturgeon City Physics and Engineering students' entry that held up just long enough to get into the final. But the winners were a young brother and sister team, Dylan and Lacy Castora, paddling a replica of their dad's '56 Chevy hot-rod on Father's Day and, crossing the line for the big win!

Those boats were not the only ones to hit the water with visitors during the Riverwalk Festival. Kayaks, canoes and several pontoon boats took folks down the New River and into Wilson Bay for a look at cleanup efforts there.