Aaron Tuell Heads Up To Look For Sharks

Two attacks in Florida spotlight an increasing concern this time of year, as more people enter the water... sharks.

We wanted to see what's swimming off our coast, so Aaron Tuell took a shark expert to the air Tuesday on the Outer Banks.

Aaron did spot dolphins, but no sharks. He was accompanied by Frank Hudgins, director of operations and husbandry at the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island in Dare County.

They flew from Manteo down the coast. Hudgins said spotting no sharks along the Outer Banks from the air is not uncommon. That's a far different result from the recent fly-bys on the Florida coast and certainly encouraging for swimmers on the Outer Banks!

Check out the shark watch links here on the homepage for more information on sharks in North Carolina waters and how to help prevent a shark encounter.