Little Leaguer Ties 44-Year-Old Record

Despite an injury that kept him sidelined most of the season, a Greenville little leaguer tied a long-standing record. Since 1961, Donnie Taylor has held the Greenville league title for most home runs in a season. Monday night, Charlie Herring of Greenville tied the 44-year-old record, by hitting his 15th home run of the season. The 12-year-old plays on the Jarman Auto Sales team, the Greenville City champs from last year. Herring broke the growth plate in his shoulder the beginning of the season and is unable to throw, but can still field and bat. He says he definitely sees baseball in his future. Only a few Greenville little league players have come close to the 15 home run record. Herring says he'll try to break it next year.