159 New Jobs In Beaufort County In $3 Million Expansion By idX Impressions

A company is planning to expand its operations in Beaufort County, to the tune of $3 million and 159 new jobs over the next three years.

The news was announced Wednesday by Governor Pat McCrory and North Carolina Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker.

They report idX Impressions will be expanding its manufacturing operations in Washington.

“Our administration is continuing its focus on developing the manufacturing industry and emphasizing eastern North Carolina as a strategic location for growth,” said Governor Pat McCrory. “We welcome the expansion of idX Impressions here in Beaufort County.”

According to the state, IDX Impressions builds store fixtures for companies across the globe. Its customer list includes leading retailers, banks and telecom companies. idX Impressions currently employs 84 people in North Carolina.

“Companies like idX Impressions are contributing to an increasing trend of job growth throughout rural North Carolina,” said Secretary Sharon Decker. “It’s time for a bold, focused, comprehensive approach to economic development that will improve the economic health of North Carolinians in all 100 counties.”

A release indicates salaries will vary by job function, but the average annual payroll for the new jobs will be in excess of $4.8 million, plus benefits.

“idX looks forward to expanding our presence in Beaufort County,” said idX CEO Terry Schultz . “The North Carolina facility will offer idX a strategic location to increase our manufacturing and distribution capability, and better serve our customers. The expanded facility will be part of idX’s global network that includes 18 locations, and more than 1,500 employees.”