Greenville Police Officers Save Several Lives

Two Greenville police officers may have just saved the lives of seven families early Thursday morning.

Officer Keith Sawyer, a 7-year veteran, and his trainee, Officer Ronald White, were responding to a call when they made a life-saving discovery. Officer Sawyer saw a small amount of white smoke coming from the middle apartment at 603 Martin Luther King Boulevard.

The two pulled in to check it out. When Officer Sawyer touched the doorknob, it was hot, and he found the entire living room in flames. The officers called in the fire department and evacuated seven families in nearby apartments, all who were sleeping soundly and were unware of the fire.

Officials say one apartment was completely filled with thick, black smoke and a father, mother, 5-year-old child and a newborn were all asleep inside. Amazingly, and thanks to the officers, no one was hurt.