Stop The Madness!

Click here for comprehensive tips and suggestions to control the clutter and create a less stressful environment at home.

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Tips to help keep your home more organized and your family less stressed:
--Write down a to-do list and prioritize that list.
--Parents aren't supposed to be short order cooks. Make one evening meal that your family eats together.
--Get your kids involved with meal planning and cooking.
--Don't do the laundry halfway. If you wash it, don't stop until it is dried, folded and put away.
--List chores for each child.
--Have a family meeting. Talk about the things that are important to each family member and how to make them happen.
--Unite your family to accomplish goals.
--Purge the clutter. With each piece of junk or useless item you throw out, your calm level should rise.
--Keep at it! Once you create the good habits, maintain them.