Innocent Woman Finally Cleared: Spent 13 Years In Prison

A New York woman who spent 13 years in prison after being convicted in the strangulation death of her daughter has been exonerated and all charges against her are being dropped.

Authorities say new tests show 13-year-old Crystallyn Girard died of a cocaine overdose and her death was not a homicide. The mother, Lynn DeJac, contends her former boyfriend was responsible for her daughter's death.

The now 44-year-old woman was released from prison last November and her second-degree murder conviction was overturned based on evidence that showed the boyfriend was at the scene around the time the girl died.

Prosecutors had been planning to retry DeJac this spring. But during a review of the evidence, they were startled to find that the girl died of "acute cocaine intoxication." DeJac says her daughter did not use drugs.