Explosives Detonated At Recycling Plant

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Army explosives experts have disposed of at least 16 powerful rounds of military ammunition found at a Raleigh recycling plant where two workers were injured in a blast.

Army explosives expert Major Mark Krussow said Wednesday the
amount of ammunition found at Raleigh Metals Processors was the
most he had seen off a military post. Krussow said demolition
experts from Fort Bragg also found at least five additional rounds.

The ammunition includes three rounds for a 90 mm recoilless
rifle and 18 AT-4 anti-tank projectiles. Fort Bragg spokesman Tom
McCollum said the military doesn't use the 90 mm shells now.

Company CEO Greg Brown said the ammunition came in a load of
scrap the plant received last week from a regular customer who had
never brought similar material.