Drifter Who Killed Hiker Makes Plans For Dog

The drifter who pleaded guilty to killing a Georgia hiker and is suspected in homicides in North Carolina made plans for his dog's future as part of his plea agreement.

Authorities said the reddish golden retriever that belonged to 61-year-old Gary Michael Hilton has been adopted by someone close to the case who doesn't want to be identified. Public Defender H. Bradford Morris said Hilton wanted his dog have a good home.

Hilton is serving a life sentence in the death of 24-year-old Meredith Emerson, who disappeared on New Year's Day while hiking with her dog in northeast Georgia.

Emersons' parents took her black Labrador retriever mix, Ella, back to Colorado to live with them. Authorities have said Hilton is the only suspect is the deaths of Irene and John Bryant, who went missing while hiking in western North Carolina.