NC Representative Could Lose His Title As Youngest Congressman

North Carolina Representative Patrick McHenry holds the title of youngest member of Congress, but his position is being threatened by some Midwest whipper-snapper.

Aaron Schock won the Republican nomination last Tuesday for a central Illinois congressional seat. If he's elected, the 26-year-old Schock will replace the 32-year-old McHenry as the youngest lawmaker on Capitol Hill.

And McHenry has been stumping on behalf of Schock. Right now, Schock has no Democratic opposition. At 19, he won a write-in campaign and became the youngest person serving on an Illinois school board.

Schock beat an eight-year incumbent in 2005 to become one of the state's youngest legislators on record.

When Rep. Ray LaHood announced his retirement, Schock decided to run for Congress. He captured 71 percent of the primary vote over two opponents.