Lab Results Show Flu Activity Peaking Throughout The Nation

If it seems like everyone around you has the flu -- you're probably right! Centers For Disease Control officials say we are entering the peak of flu season, and lab results show 31 states have reported widespread flu activity.

Seventeen states have regional flu activity. Two more states and Washington D.C. are experiencing local episodes. Researchers say the predominant strain circulating is influenza Type-A, which is covered by the flu vaccine.

However, there is a subtype of the virus called the Brisbane strain that is not affected by the vaccine. Roughly 30% of flu cases this year have been caused by this virus.

Experts say even though the flu vaccine does not cover some of the circulating strains, it still could lessen the effects of the flu. So if you haven't gotten your shot yet it could still help.

They also recommend good hand hygiene, cough etiquette and antiviral drugs to help stop the flu. Close to 5 percent of flu viruses circulating this year do not respond to Tami flu, a popular antiviral drug.

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