House Votes on Economic Stimulus Plan

Government rebate checks are not in the mail quite yet.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had introduced a measure that would have expanded the economic stimulus package approved recently by the house and endorsed by the White House.
but the senate needed 60 votes to go forward but only received 58 votes. 41 senators voted against it the plan.

There is a move by republicans in the Senate to enhance the House plan by adding rebates for thousands of seniors and veterans who were left out of the house proposal. They say the white house would sign off on adding these additional groups.

Some republicans called the plan defeated as a "Christmas tree" proposal. because in addition to rebate checks to many tax payers it added monies for extending unemployment benefits, more money for low income heating assistance, and tax breaks for home builders.

After the measure was defeated, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he would announce his next plan for the stimulus package soon.