First Day in Court for Marine Charged With Killing Two Iraqis

A Marine Corps officer charged with murder in the deaths of two Iraqi men last year had his first day in court at Camp Lejeune Tuesday. It's the military version of a grand jury hearing underway in the case against Ilario Pantano. His story has been told world-wide. The 2nd Lieutenant re-enlisted after witnessing the 9-11 attacks in his home... New York City. Pantano now stands charged with murdering 2 Iraqi men last April. Pantano and his lawyers say it was a case of self defense and well within the rules of engagement. Pantano's lawyer, Charles Gittins, says even bringing charges sends a dangerous message to troops still in Iraq. Gittins says quote, "It sends a bad message to the heroes that are fighting in Iraq right now, that they have to worry about armchair quarterbacks, second guessing their decisions made in a very dangerous place, in very dangerous circumstances."